How to Keep your Peace in a World in Pieces

How to Keep your Peace in a World in Pieces Cover Image

Michael Washington

Imagine: After a long, stressful day at work, you sit on your couch, get comfortable, turn on the TV for some relaxation time, hoping to watch something that will keep your mind off of all negativity. But instead, you find yourself watching some horrific news. COVID-19 updates, a looming war, children in hunger and poverty, the declining moral compass of the youth—all of them in an hour. Instead of finding peace, you find yourself immersed in the pains of the world. 

We are at a time where stimulants for stress are everywhere. Regardless of how positive our outlook in life could be, we will at some point find ourselves in a situation where we can’t help but feel helpless against the problems of the world. We can’t blame people for growing cold and apathetic. To not care, is in a way a defense mechanism. However, we can still empathize without losing ourselves to stress and depression. Peace is a battle you win within yourself. To do that, you have to be in control of the things that you can. 

Here are some things we can keep in mind to protect our peace while being surrounded by stress stimulants. 

Be physically healthy. 

A healthy vessel is just as important as a healthy mind. A healthy lifestyle facilitates a healthy mindset. Eating the right food and getting enough sunlight and exercise helps in the production of endorphin, which triggers a lighter and happier mood. 

Be conscious of your thoughts. 

Most of our stress comes from overthinking. We think too much and try to create scenarios in our minds that are unlikely to happen. These thoughts will only lead us to become anxious and despondent. When our mindset leans more on the negative side, our judgment becomes too clouded. Instead of coming up with an assertive solution, we end up with imaginary problems we would try to solve. 


Clean room, house, driveway, and surroundings can do so much in our quest for inner peace. After all, we find solace in things that are orderly and in place. However, physical decluttering isn’t the only way to clean up. We can also declutter emotionally and spiritually. Cut ties with toxic and negative friends, family, hobbies, and don’t be afraid to say no. We can also nourish our spirits by listening to the word of the Lord instead of the word of the world. Always allow Jesus to wash off all the stress, pain, and negativity. Cast whatever litter is in our hearts upon Him because He cares for us. 

These are just some of the things we can do to help us in our battle for inner peace. But the greatest peace is found in Christ Himself. After all, He is the Prince of Peace.