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Keeping Peace Within the Home

Keeping Peace Within the Home Cover Image

Michael Washington

Our inner peace can be influenced by our environment. The people around us and the circumstances that we encounter daily can deeply affect our mood which intern, can alter our peace. Therefore, we must learn to be in control of our emotions at all times, especially in our homes. However, this can be difficult at times. Conflicts between family members, especially between husband and wife, are more common than most of us anticipate. During some circumstances, misunderstandings can certainly escalate to aggressions and sometimes lead to verbal abuse. This is definitely not a healthy environment for peace or contentment.  

Thankfully, there are ways to help you control your emotions and avoid ruining your inner peace and contentment in your home. 

Tips to Help Avoid and Resolve Conflicts in Your Homes 

  1. Rather than arguing over a matter, try to stay calm and relax when an issue arises. The usual culprit for conflicts is misunderstandings which leads to arguments over who’s right or wrong. When you disagree about something, it’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong but to listen to understand your family member’s point of view. Arguments are usually clouded by strong emotions, therefore, remember, it’s not what you say but how you say it. 

  2. Keep in mind and master the art of compromise. A win-win mindset can often yield the best outcome during potential conflicts. This essentially means to always seek a balanced solution where both or all sides can be satisfied.

  3. Don’t get too worked up over trivial matters or things that aren’t important. First, decide whether or not the issue is worth arguing over. In other words, avoid, pointless debates that may cause tension between you and your household member.

  4. When a disagreement is unavoidable, listen carefully and focus on finding a solution rather than trying to win an argument. Disagreement with a family member will most likely happen, but keep in mind that trying to win an argument all the time will most likely lead to gradual tension in your home and the tendency for more conflicts in the future. Winning arguments do not earn you a trophy but concessions can go a long way to smooth things out. Resolve conflicts as soon as possible to not let it fester and linger because, over time, the problem will most likely get worse. Don’t overthink it.

  5. Look beyond the issue to see the other party’s value to you. Remember, your home is your castle where love and compassion should always reside. Your ego should be left outside before entering your home and family should always be paramount. Your home is your comfort zone where peace is fostered through unity and common objectives.